TP-Link Passthrough Powerline AC1300 Wi-Fi Kit – Model TL-WPA8630P

The passthrough powerline device is the affordable option to extend your home or office internet connectivity. It help extend strong network strength without the need of hacking wall to install the network cable, instead it use the existing infrastructure in the building, the powerline. Either single phase or 3-phase is working fine.

There are various brand and model in the market with different pricing that working just fine. Here I will be showing the TP-Link brand instead, with the model TL-WPA8630P.

For this model, it has few awesome features bundled into the kit.

1. Provide 2X2 MIMO powerline passthrough function, extending up to 800Mbps of network strength without the need of pulling new ethernet cable.
2. Come with dual band WiFi function, both 2.4GHz (up to 450Mbps) & 5GHz (up to 867Mbps).
3. Provide 13A power socket, where it won’t used up existing socket point.
4. Easy setup and pairing function.


The package that cost around RM 350-370 (depend on market fluctuation), will come with 1 unit of TL-WPA8630P, 1 unit of TL-PA8010P, and 2 Cat5E ethernet cables.


This device work as main unit that will be connect to router to get internet. It have 1 gigabit ethernet input and 1 13A/250V power socket. The unit is fused.


This device will be work as extender unit that provide internet source that get from main unit to your devices. It have 3 gigabit ethernet output and 1 13A/250V power socket. The unit is fused as well.

You may get another unit of this and plug into another end of the building to further extend your network also.


The setup is relatively easy. First, you just need to plug in the internet source into the main unit. There will have a Pair button at the side of the device. Press once, and the light will start blinking. You will now have 2 minutes to complete the pairing process. Faster go to the extender unit, press on the Pair button at the side also. And again the light will start blinking as well. Once the pairing process is complete, you will have solid LED on both devices.

The five icon in the extender units from left to right are:
Power On/Off, Powerline Connect Status, Ethernet Connect Status, 2.4GHz Connect Status, 5GHz Connect Status.


TP-Link provide free Apps tpPLC (iOS / Android) for easy setup and monitor your powerline adapters.

You will need to connect to the same WiFi in order to view your adapters. Once connected, pull down the screen to let it refresh, it might take some time for all the adapters in the same powerline to appear.

In the main unit, you will be able to rename the device, turn on/off the LED light, and view the current data transferring rate to all the connected extender(s).

In the extender unit, you will be able to do the same as main unit, plus setting up the WiFi settings.

You will notice that it allow you to create guest network as well. And here is advice you to create separate WiFi SSID, as this device is not MESH network enabled, it won’t seamlessly switch between SSID without drop.

Also the web configuration will open up browser to allow you to login into web-based admin page, to perform further settings in the adapters.

So, basically here’re all about this powerline adapter kit. Enjoy the fast and stable internet connection that it will bring unto you 😉

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