Prevent Accidental Folder Move in Windows 10 (Dropbox, SharePoint, One Drive, Box)

It’s utterly annoying when working with cloud storage folder such as SharePoint One Drive, Dropbox, Box, the Stick Mouse Syndrome that cause by human error keep happening, which is the accidental move of an entire folder that have massive subfolders and files inside to another location. This could cause inconvenience when the cloud storage folder is sharing with multiple users that work on it at the same time.

There are yet to have any configuration that allow user to have prompt message to confirm moving of an object in Windows. However, you can at least have the setting below setting up to reduce such incident to happen.

Go to Registry Editor (Press Win + R to open up the Run windows and enter REGEDIT and press OK to open up Registry Editor), copy the following onto the address bar and hit enter.


Once in there, edit the value on DragHeight and DragWidth to more than 100 (initial value is 4).

This value means, when click and hold on the item, how many on-screen pixel distance it needed to trigger the Move action. If the value is set to 100, it means that you will need to click and hold the item and move 100 pixels away from current position before you can move it. If you put more than 500, mean you will need to move more than 500 pixels. And if you set 2000, unless you have a really big resolution screen, else the Move will become not possible for you.

Once the new value is set, restart your PC to have this effect applied.

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