VI Stories: the new blogger earning source

vi stories, which is stand for Video Intelligence is a contextual video platform, who aim to fill your blog/website with content which are more interactive rather than just text or image. Even thought Google Adsense is still the unbeatable one, however this have somehow give publisher/blogger a new and alternative way to earn a little more money.

You may sign up easily from their website

Setup is pretty easy as well. Just need to make sure you have include their ID into your ads.txt file. Can refer to this documentation, link. If you are an existing Google Adsense publisher, remember must include back your Google Adsense ID, else you might find that your Adsense Ad suddenly all gone.

Once Ads.txt is set in place, next is to proceed for integration of vi code in your website. WordPress Quick Adsense plugin allow a convenient way for integration, but if encounter the login from the plugin is not function, the only way will be proceed Direct Integration. Follow their documentation here, link. Anyway if encounter any issue, still can reach their support via email at

VI Dashboard

When vi video start showing, the dashboard figure will start running. The important metric that decide how much you earn is the Fill Rate and Gross eCPM. Fill Rate is the percentage count Impressions over Requests. When requests keep increasing but impressions remain very low, Fill Rate will drop.

Fill Rate = (Impressions / Requests ) * 100

Gross Revenue = Gross eCPM * Fill Rate

Net Revenue = Net eCPM * Fill Rate

And yes, there will have some number showing up in Unmonetizable Requests. These are the ad requests coming from the country that is yet support by vi ai.

If fill rate remain low for a period of time, there are some reasons behind. First is the content might not targeting to preferred geographical location, which they are US, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Nordics, Benelux and SEA.

Second is the patient needed. Some country might need to have wait up to 4 weeks before the ad demand getting better (ref).

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