Check registered GST company in Malaysia

1st April 2015, it is one historical date in Malaysia (ehmm, not because of April Fool). This day starts the country’s first day in implementing GST (Goods and Services Tax)! It will takes a long long time for the country to absorb this changes that affect everyone in the country.

While there’s nothing can be done as the GST already started, it is important to check if the company that charge you 6% GST is registered and not simply add a 6% in the bill. Here’s a simple step that you may share with your peers on how to check to confirm the company is registered with GST and is legally charge you GST.


Step 1. Go to this URL


Step 2. Click on the “Lookup GST Status” at the bottom right corner of the webpage.


Step 3. Enter either one of the required information to check the details, be it GST No., Business Registration No, or the Company name in full. Once enter just press enter and the detail will appear at the bottom.

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