Face Acne and Health Problem

Traditional Chinese Medicine study have well observe the acne on face an the related underlying health problem the person having. When there’s a red annoying dot appear on your face, not only it ruin your beautiful face but it actually giving hint and telling you that your health condition currently is not so good.

But don’t worry, you can find it out here and fix it.

Area 1 and 2: Forehead

Related problem: Digestive system related, malnutrition, digestive issues.
Suggested solution: You might recently having a good feast Change to better eating habit.

Area 3: In between Eyebrows

Related problem: Liver related, lack of sleep.
Suggested solution: Improve sleeping quality, reduce alcohol consumption.

Area 4: Surrounding of Eyes and to Ears

Related problem: Kidney related, stress, lack of energy, exhaustion.
Suggested solution: Drink plenty of water, taking less sugary water and processed colored water.

Area 5: Nose

Related problem: Heart and cardiovascular system related, poor blood circulation.
Suggested solution: Have more cardio exercise session in daily routine. Not necessary must have HIIT high intensity interval training, light jogging will do fine. Also reduce food with high salt content.

Area 6: Cheek

Related problem: Lungs and respiratory system related. Short of breath, feeling lack of air and dizziness.
Suggested solution: Reduce smoking (if you are a smoker). Get air purifier to purify air in your living space, wear proper mask to filter polluted air.

Area 7: Chin

Related problem: Stomach related, stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea.
Suggested solution: Improve eating habit. Take less spicy and oily food.

Area 8: Jawline

Related problem: Hormones related, hormone imbalance and emotion swing.
Suggested solution: When menstrual period strike, just have to let it subside. If out of menstrual period, improve diet that is balance with good cholesterol.

Area 9: Side of Nose and Surrounding of Lips

Related problem: Colon related, loosen stool.
Suggested solution: Try intake more probiotic or yogurt to improve the large intestine environment. A clean diet is needed as well.

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