Leader or Supervisor

In common workspace, collaboration between different authority level could be messy if placement of talent is not well positioned. Different authority level at here will be meaning of superior and subordinate or subordinate to superior.

Leadership is one skill that is so commonly talk about in the workspace but is very hard to be seen in actual practice. There are many individual carrying the term leadership alongside with their mouth but in actual action there is non can be observe in them.

Why it is so hard to have leadership appear in workspace? I would look at the reason is because the misconception about leadership is everywhere in the workspace.

Leader must not necessary a manager or a direct superior, a leader can be from subordinate instead. A very often manager will carry the role as supervisor instead of leader.

Let’s take a scenario, assigning task, and look at the difference between leader and supervisor.

:: Leader teach and guide to the other party understand the goal of the task, so that this can enable them to learn the process and allow them to be able to set similar task on their own in future.
:: Supervisor instruct the other party with exact order without much explanation, the other party will only require to obey and complete the task assigned.

A manager who is a leader will allow open conversation to get the job done together, whilst a manager who is a supervisor will only have close conversation and state the hierarchy clearly.

Also, a subordinate can be a leader to manage their manager/superior as well. Because not all manager are all-rounded capabilities person, and they can be lost of direction sometimes. At this point of time a subordinate who equipped with leadership trait will show the action of coaching and guiding the manager back into departmental or company’s goal.

So, do your company hiring leader or hiring supervisor?

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