Upload Route (Running/Cycling) to Strava

Here’s showing how to upload route into Strava web so that when using the apps for running or cycling there will have a direction to follow and prevent running/cycling toward wrong direction.

Step 1. Go to labs.strava.com/gpx-to-route and click on the Upload GPX File button.

Step 2. After the route populated out, click on the Connect Account button to link up your Strava account. There will be a login prompt up message.

Step 3. Save the route into your account by click on the Save and Edit.

Step 4. You will be lead to a Route Builder page which is under your Strava account. Here you can do any adjustment needed to the route. If no adjustment needed, just click on the Save button.

Step 5. Name your route so that you can easily identify them through your Strava mobile apps.

Step 6. Done! You can view back your uploaded route from Dashboard > My Routes.

Now you can get out to ride/run safely without worry of losing direction. Just need to make sure your mobile device have enough battery 😉

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