Bad Online Shopping Experience in Zalora Malaysia

Recently there’s an e-commerce site hitting hard on advertising channel including Google Ads, Facebook Advert, TVs, Radios, etc, called

Out of curiousity, I go browse and see what’s interesting in there. Then I found an item that I’m been long seeking for, a running pounch with water bottle. From the website, it shows 4 colours available for selection, Blue, Red, Charcoal, and Pinon. Each of them left 1 item and Charcoal was out of stock as show in the page there.

When the item is not available, is obviously you can’t order it. Only the item that show “1 item left” can click and proceed order.

Snap shot below shows that the item is not available for order (link).

Snap shot below shows that the item is available for order, where it show still got 1 item left. (link).

Among the 4 color available, I’d like darker color as it might not so obvious to dirt. And since the dark color only have Pinon color left available at that time, I click and proceed for the order.

Payment is done very smooth and I also sign up for the newsletter when will get a coupon code worth RM 20. I then apply it to make the item to be RM 79. It’s really worth in this price.

Once the transaction done and received order confirmation, I’m happily waiting for my item to arrive the next 2 days as what Zalora claim.

The next day, suddenly received a call from Zalora. The person at the other end bring the surprising news that the item I ordered was out of stock.

and WHAT?? Seriously? Seriously out of stock??

First time I encounter such issue while shopping online. Been buying things from eBay, Amazon, Groupon, and none have such issue that after you pick and paid and your item become unavailable. It’s really really ridiculous.

This is the email that send to me after I receive the call.

And this is what I replied.

Today I then asking for the status, the response is really not that good. There’s no way for them to re-stock, seriously, they are not able to re-stock. Really shock with them O.O||| Some more from the way how the live chat personal reply, which is not professional, I really fed up with this Zalora.

Then I choose to change the model to the one I don’t like, try to create less hassle. I requested to change to blue color one (T.T I don’t want that color lar…) The process for this kind of changes is slow.. where they can’t do it on the spot over the live chat conversation. I’m now need to wait them convert the paid amount value to store credit and then place order again. And from the live chat personal, there’s no guarantee if the item show available is available. I am like.. WHAT????

no guarantee if the item show available is available

This is the Epic thing from an online store. Zalora, please fix up your online store backend system or You can just shut down lar please…

Below is the conversation with the live chat personal.

When I check up their Facebook Page, fuiyooh, there’s actually full of different cases happened. Similar to mine also happened before, can’t believe it.. You may check them out here for more (Link). Here I just snap shot some for review.

By afternoon, I received an email regarding the re-order thing, where shows below. Go check back the product page, the item still show available. Really, it’s really confusing. It the item got stock or no stock? If other person order again, then become no stock, what they pay for become store credit again? Or this is the way Zalora making money?

Looks like I don’t know will need to wait how long only can get my item.. RM 79 for this kind of experience, great.

Really, Zalora, this will be my first and last purchase with you guys. No confident to buy things from there now. Bye.

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