Basic Essential Bicycle Cycling Hand Signal (Video & Picture)

Road cycling is fun, and could be very dangerous and sometimes fatal if not ride safely. When riding in a group with faster speed, it’s even more dangerous when collision happen between or among riders in group.

I’ve draw some simple illustration and try learn these basic essential hand gesture signal, that could help save you or your friends one day to stay away from dangers on road when cycling.


Turn Left or Right

This is pretty much straight forward. Point to the direction where you want to go.


Road Hazard: Potholes!

Potholes are the most common hazardous road condition to riders and could be fatal when encounter by faster riders. Pointing with your index finger straight to the potholes to alert the rider behind you.


Road Hazard: Sands or Loose Gravel!

When encounter loose gravel like stones and sands on road, with your hand facing the direction of hazardous area, open your palm facing downward and shakes.


Move over and give way!

Push your hand toward the direction you want the riders behind you to move. Eg. If there’s an moving object coming from your front at your right side, push your right arm inward from right to left at your back, indicating rider behind you to move slightly toward right side.

(Erm.. it may looks like middle finger point, but it isn’t.)


Road Hazard: Beware your head!

While road cycling and riding in rural area, there might be some tree branches growing out from road. Point up and toward the direction where those object from above your head could hazard to riders from behind.


Road Hazard: Railroad tracks, speed bumps!

With your hand at your back, point it at the hazardous direction.



Open your palm at your back to indicate stop.

You may view these two great videos for better understanding and demonstration.



Enjoy, and happy riding 🙂

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