#Brexit confirmed in June 2016

After 43 years, since 1973, Britain has come to the decision to leave EU (European Union) with the vote of 51.9% win. The official result shows 17,410,742 (51.9%) voted leave (Brexit) against 16,141,241 (48.1%) voted remain (Bremain). Where majority of elder citizen preferred Brexit. How will this Brexit affect EU and global market? No one really know yet and global market reacting quite bad after the result was confirmed. Perhaps the uncertainties that lies ahead was worrisome to the economists? But more important will be the next steps on how the new Prime Minister dealing with EU on the exit and agreements.

As Britain successfully exit from EU, other countries from the European Community will carefully monitor how Britain sustain on themselves. If the exit bring possible to the country, we will foresee there will have many more exit in future, such as Gerexit, Frexit, Italexit, etc.

As the decision has made by (a slight) majority, let see how the country start with the new journey on their own.

Source & Diagram from: The Guardian

Here’s the speech by Nigel Farage upon winning the poll.

and here’s the speech of David Cameron resigns as British PM after the poll.


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