Hidden Secret of Coffee Cup Cover

Hidden Secret of Coffee Cup Cover

榴莲品种 Type of Durian

马来西亚榴莲品种 Type of Durian in Malaysia

Play Pokemon Yellow Online

Play Pokemon Yellow online - Pikachu Special Version

Free Internet Usage on Waze for Celcom

Free Internet Usage on Waze for Celcom First Plan Users

Starbucks and Uber partner up in Malaysia

Starbucks and Uber in Malaysia just partner up and come out a good deal for both of their customers in…

Check & Pay MPSJ Summon – Semakan & Bayar MPSJ Saman

Showing here how to check and pay MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) summon, or any of their available e-service as…

How to do e-Filling for LHDN Malaysia Income Tax

Here showing some simple step by step that allow you to do e-filling for your income tax in Malaysia through…

Check & Pay MBPP Summon – Semakan & Bayar MBPP Saman

Here's how you can check & pay your MBPP (previously MPPP) from their online service. Simply go to the URL…

Create TNB E-Services Online Account

Create TNB online e-service - myTNB Account

Rabies in human and dogs (Video)

Recently there a strong debate in culling stray dogs to prevent and stop any possible spread of rabies virus in…

Social Media Hidden Threat (Abduct/Rape) to Teenager Girls

An Youtuber namely Coby Persin created a footage showing how easily a teenager get lifted from their home and got…

Air France Asia launch #UpgradeChallenge free upgrade to business class for winner

Air France came up a creative marketing campaign where they create mobile apps games to allow passengers to download and…

Petrichor – The smell when it start raining

Ever wonder what's that weird smell when rain just start under a hot sun day? There's even a word for…


2015年是农历乙未年。 乙五行属木,未为羊,亦是木羊年。 四个主要犯太岁的生肖有以下: (more…)

Midway Island – the ugly truth of human rubbish

A corpse of baby albatross exposed undigested plastic waste from the abdominal part. Wonder where are those rubbish that we…