Enter BIOS Setup in HP Pavilion Laptop

Some HP Pavilion laptop will not allow you to enter BIOS setup at startup screen when you press F10 or F2 key. It will just show a big HP logo and then continue to WINDOWS OS startup.

Here’s few step you can do if happen that your HP Pavilion laptop are not able to enter BIOS setup screen when you press the above hot key.

Step 1: Press Windows key and go to Windows Settings

Step 2: In Windows Settings, go to Update & Security

Step 3: Go To Recovery option, and then under Advanced Startup, click the Restart Now

Step 4: It will take a little while to go into this blue screen of options. When it appear, click on Troubleshoot

Step 5: Next go to Advanced options

Step 6: Under Advanced options, choose UEFI Firmware Settings, and your laptop will proceed to restart

Step 7: When it restarted, a Startup Menu screen will appear itself to let you choose few options. Now you may press the F10 hot-key to enter BIOS setup to start your configuration

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