Renew Malaysia Driving License Online

If you have forget to renew driving license (lesen pemandu) due to busy working life, forgetful memory, or other potato issues etc etc, you can always renew it online in less than 20 mins. This will be helpful if you are urgently need it done or don’t have time to go to JPJ/Post Office to renew it.

Step. 1: Login into MYEG Website (

If you forget the password, you can always click on the Forget Password to reset one.

Step. 2: Click on JPJ Logo.
Upon successful login, go to JPJ section.


Step. 4: Fill up the details.

Fill up the required details. At here, you can choose the renewal period of minimum 1 year and up to maximum of 5 years. For collection method, you can choose Delivery/Penghantaran or self-collection at e-Services Centres/ Pusat e-Khidmat. At the moment the self-collection from counter only available at MyEG HQ that locate at Bandar Utama, KL. While for delivery, there are charges incur, ranging from RM 5 (Klang Valley), RM 6 (Peninsular Malaysia), and RM 10 for East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). Delivery time will take 2 – 5 working days depend on your location.

Step. 5: Review your submission details.

Step. 6: Click on Other Payments if you would like to use Credit Card or Online Banking for payment.

Step. 7: Choose your payment options.

Step. 8: Enter your payment details.

Step. 9: Done! You may print and save a copy for your own reference.

Now, just wait for your new license to arrive at your doorstep.

When the document arrive, the delivery person will have one thumbprint verification device to verify your identify.

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