Change Broken Door Cylinder in 3 Easy Steps

There will be scenario that cheap door cylinder in the steel door will be worn-out after frequent twist and turn. Here’s an easy 3 steps on how to change it.

What you need:
1. A Philips Screwdriver (X)
2. New door cylinder that fit the size.

Note: When you buy the one from nearby hardware shop, remember to check if the new unit is the same size as your current one. There are bigger and smaller size available. I get new one from Konsen Hung Sdn Bhd hardware shop that locate in Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, for a price tag of RM 28.

STEP 1: Unscrew and take out the broken door cylinder.

STEP 2. Prepare the new door cylinder.

STEP 3: Slide back new door cylinder and screw back.

Tadaaa~ The door lock is working as new now. and sorry that technically is just 2 steps 😛

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