Entering 3rd week

Now entering 3rd week for Eight Week Challenge!

It’s really an awesome experience I can say. Never in my life to cook the meal for all days.. and now I did it.

So what had I went thru in these three weeks so far?

Since pre-day 1, I’d went shopping for required ingrendients (and they are not cheap!) and prepare to cook for the next day. Cause what 8WC required is strict control diet that favoring moderate eating patent. And for the first 2 weeks, no vege allowed, no fruits alloweds. Only protein based food, no carbs no fat to be in the food. So that’s why all the participants need to cook themselves own meal. Basically I just choose the most easy to prepare meal. As they required not much time to prepare =P


Over these days, I’ve been testing out some of the recipe provided, and it’s fun actually along way, hahah. Just like chemistry that mix and match to get some outcome =P Cooking is fun actually.

Been testing cooking curry


Even Quiche! Never know got such things that looks similar to Pizza, hahah


and now enter 3rd week which is new phase coming in, and finally some vege allowed. I just simply like steam fish with celery =D They are just awesome as it is!

So now everyday I’m carrying lunch box around to office and in car. It will provide me constant food intake for morning tea break, lunch, and afternoon tea. And sometimes when on the road and reaching lunch time, no choice but have to stop at roadside or petrol station, eat in the car before continue journey.

Besides from the controlled diet plan, intensive workout also very important in this challenge. It is to suggest have 6 days of workout and 1 day rest. So now Mon, Wed, Fri morning went for bootcamp session and every evening went to do own homeworkout. Sometimes with Comrade, sometimes do it alone. Must not missed! Else all efforts gone.

Am now have better control over food craving for fast food, desserts, high sugars, high fat thing. I feel just great when I can just pass by all the yummylicious food when in sign without craving like want to eat it up so deadly =D

Well, even I still yet to have any awesome body like Chris Evans as in Captain America movie, but I believe at least will have successful body transformation when the eight weeks ended! =D

Hooyah!! Let’s Fight it thru!!

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