Finding Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Penang, Malaysia

Recently Grandma admitted to hospital due to swollen feet. After diagnose, found out that her lung was suffer to have some tiny holes in bronchiole or alveoli probably due to bronchitis or fibrosis. This have caused to lowered her blood oxygen making her short of breath, and her heart have to pump harder in responsive for low blood oxygen in body. At her old age. while her heart pump faster, it might weaken her heart and also reduce full blood circulation in her body. Peripheral body part such as leg will then show the swollen symptom due to accumulation of plasma.

Now after a week of admission in hospital, she have request so many time to discharge as she claimed that she not able to eat much in hospital. This have making her feel more weak. After discuss with consulting doctor, he agree to discharge but have to find a portable oxygen concentrator to supply sufficient oxygen and reach about 98% blood oxygen most of the time.

While searching around in Penang, Lam Wah Ee hospital have giving some contacts and I’ve recommend to approach this shop. They do mainly supply rental or selling these medical oxygen equipment in the Penang island. Their Services also covered until mainland as well.

If anyone happened to find such things for their family members, can call them up and get more info from them. Rental fee are at reasonable price.


Acare Oxyness Sdn Bhd

417, Jalan Perak, 11600 Penang

04 – 283 4686, 283 4688

Mr Lee 012-4871005

The above big one the rental is MYR 300 only, and with MYR 300 refundable deposit. This is very basic one. And there are other choice as well.

And this one can be carry around one, can be get at around ~ MYR 200 loan unit.

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