How to check MPPP summon – Semakan MPPP saman

Please go to due to MPPP is now MBPP and their web address have changed.



The recent company I’m working at is located in Georgetown area near banking street. And company didn’t have much parking lots for employees, very few. So I will have to park at those meter system public parking lot when I’m driving to work.

The meter system parking lots was using coins to pay & validate the parking time. And different coin meant different time. Let say 50 cents and 10 cents. Each 50 cents will validate a parking time of 38 minutes, and each 10 cents will give you 8 minutes. Very strange. And mostly, I don’t have much coins, so have to find those parking lots with defected meter machine. Else, just park and waiting for the MPPP council’s people to come and write a beautiful green summon for me.

Since then, I’ve got lots of summon from the council. Just few days back, I’ve just clear the accumulated 11 pieces, that cost me RM 215++. Significant portion of salary earned have put into MPPP’s bank account. May be I should consider change a better job with nice offer.. hahaha

Here I will be showing some convenient way to check MPPP (Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang) a.k.a. Municipal Council of Penang Island’s summon.

You may just need to go to the URL below and enter the car plate no. or car’s owner IC no. for checking.

The list of summon you’ve got will be displayed. Please be inform that if you have just get the new summon, it might take about 1 month of less to show in this online database.

However, for current stage, you are only able to check the status. No online payment is available yet. You are require to attend to the council’s payment counter located at Komtar 3rd floor to make the clearance, and, accept Cash only.

If you make the payment early before it show in the database, which is within 7 days, you might only need to pay RM 7.50 at discounted price for each summon, instead of RM 20 each.

Click >>here

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