How to do e-Filling for LHDN Malaysia Income Tax

Here showing some simple step by step that allow you to do e-filling for your income tax in Malaysia through LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negari) portal.

1. Go to this URL to login.

2. Once logged in, click on the e-Filling.

3. On next page, choose e-Borang and click Teruskan.

4. Select your category for e-filling. If you are working individual, choose e-BE.


h2>Now into the declaration page. First section will let you fill up for personal detail.



Next, declare your income to LHDN. If your employer got deduct PCB monthly from your salary, the amount will automatically appear here. Just double check with your EA form.

On third section, fill up any relevant deduction. Please keep your receipts that reflect the amount you’ve put in there, cause you never know there’s one day if the LHDN office suddenly give you a surprise visit.

Now at the fourth section, it will show up summary for the amount you’ve entered, and let you know how much tax you will need to pay LHDN or how much tax you’ve overpaid and will return to you. Click on Teruskan.

This will be the final page before submit up e-filling to LHDN. If you would like to print a draft for your own record purpose, click on the Cetak Draf Borang. If want to go back and make some changes, can click on Kembali and back to previous page to do the amendment. Else, click on Tandatangan & Hantar.

By using e-filling, LHDN is quite efficient in processing the payback of additional paid tax. Usually will take about 3 weeks (sometimes even lesser) for the overpaid money to bank in to your bank account. However, if you need to pay the tax to LHDN, it is advise to do it instantly also.

Thanks for reading.

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