My Experience on Port Dickson International Triathlon 2014

This is the second time I registered for Olympic Distance Triathlon event and also is my first time to go for open water swim triathlon, the first one was Penang International Triathlon and Dualthlon 2014 (PgITD) back in March this year. PgITD is also an open water swim, but I was DNF for the swim that time due to very busy working time & lack of training in the swim and not to risk myself dipping into the ocean.

To know: Olympic Distance or also famously called as OD, covered the distance of 1.5m swim, 40km bike ride, and 10km run.

Joining the open water tri event was never easy for me who just learn swimming not long ago and not familiar to swim in the sea.

The Swim

Before race start, take some photo first 😛

The sea near Admiral Marina is very calm, this is definitely a very nice open water swim for beginner. The route as in picture.

This time I’m wearing contact lens for the whole event, so that I could wear sunglasses without any spec in it. When the swim start I did a few meter swim to test water and make sure water are not going into my eyes. It’s so nice to swim at this calm sea. But when the race get started, and here’s where I learn the mistake. As a beginner swimmer like me get stuck in those powerful swimmer. I should have let them swim further only enter water, since second wave got few minutes time drag. End-up? I’m been press down into water few times scare my goggle get kick out and start panic then treading water like mad, after awhile exhausted and swim to the buoy to hold on it to calm my breath @.@ This not even reach 50m from the coast I think. Then the remaining swim I was like swim from buoy to buoy due to this panic attack and hardy control my breath in calm. Only after when the last turning point where it swim toward the coastline only I get to swim non-stop few hundred meter. Because that time I’m the last two or three swimmer in the water. Spent nearly 1 and half hours in the sea!! Can’t imagine that.. Exhausted a lot. But can’t stop, must keep going.

Once come out from the water, I then continue for the 200 meter beach run and try to faster reach my bike.

The beach run was added by the organiser recently. I think that the reason to add that in should be try to disperse everyone so that the shower area won’t be that crowded. As I’m one of the last person out from water, the shower area is very empty. haha

The Bike

Bike route for PDIT 2014 as per recorded using Garmin FR210.

There are traffic police taking care of every corner that required to turn in and out. Although I’m the last few riders just out onto road, the traffic police still on the road to make sure traffic is in order and give way for rider as the priority. When I coming out into the freeway, all the riders are on their way speeding back.

The bike route is a pleasant one. After coming out from the transition and ride about 1km, will turn into the freeway. After that continue for about 4km then follow by another turn into a 15km ride before reaching the u-turn to go back. The 15km is nice to ride where get to surrounded by palm oil plantation, greenery view along the way. There’s only one water station encounter in the bike leg, where it located at U-turn point. So during the 20KM ride I just finish up my water in both bottle and refill them at the water station. Due to my great delay of timing, the Sun is sending great heat on me, but is still bearable. Lesson learn? Swim faster then get to rider faster 😛

The Run

Run route for PDIT 2014 as per recorded using Garmin FR210.

The 10KM run was a very interesting one. The organizer inform that it’s a about 9.5KM and mixed with some obstacle. Well, it seems to be quite true. After 4KM run on the road, the route get u-turn back and go into sandy path. This is tough where it turn out to be some sort like trail run. haha. As I’m already exhausted myself, the run I just walk most of the time. Water station still got plenty of water for last few person like me. That’s awesome! I thought I’m so slow and gonna visit an empty water station.

The run route get to feel your feet on sandy path, bridge, rocky path, and beach again. The wind is very strong and you get to run under the shades of trees, helps a lot in cooling the body down. This time become not for me to test out what I’ve get to train but become I’m a tourist in the event. Just enjoy only 😛

Nearly 5 hours, finally I get to see the finish line! Woohooo!!! My love was bearing the heat and boringness waiting for me long enough there to take photos of me. Love you always, Muacks!!

Result for Port Dickson International Triathlon 2014 can be found here, Click Here

Taking some photos before heading to take a light shower and ready to drive home to Penang.

Photo of 4 of us.

Photo of me and the strongman Jiunn Eng

Photo of me with my love

Here’s the shot of exciting me before the race with my love

Another lesson learned for this event is, try to stay one day after the event because driving back home for about 4-5 hours is quite tiring after the long morning @.@ But nevertheless, this is one great successful event from Negeri Seremban, much more well organized than Penang Internation Triathlon & Dualthlon. But I believe one day very soon both event will have same great standard and more triathlete will born in Malaysia! 😀

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