Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 result is out!

All right, and now the result is out for PBIM 2011.

from PBIM Official website [Click here]

This year, I join the same as last year which is 21KM Half Marathon with my loves one and friends. Different from last year where I still have jogging approximate 4 days per week before the D-day, this year have not been thru any training preparation at all. Lucky that I’m able to finish it barely in time, hahaha.

My result shows:

9KM Check Point: 1:24:35.30

Chip Time: 3:30:59.42

Gun Time: 3:32:45.56

Don’t know why is the Gun Time included? But personally more prefer the result as in Excel sheet last year.

Below are the result that I track it using Android apps Run Keeper.

Click the link here for full review on Run Keeper []

Can see that I’m walking even more compared to running, hahah. Due to wearing old rough socks that causing 5 -6 blisters over both feet. My result was obviously not so good compared to last year. Well, training is a must for marathon!! Next year must get train for it XD

However, this year the PBIM is not well organised, lots of cons than pros during the run. For example, running out of water supply, not allow taking new water bottle, not much markers along the route, not enough finishing T for Full marathoners, all the same colors for run categories, all the same colors and design for the running vest, etc.  Mostly all these affecting Full and Half marathoners. You may review those feedback in their Facebook page ( under “Everyone(most recent)”)

Next year will be joining again, and hell yea PBIM 2012 you better improve!!


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