Register 20% Discount for Penang Bridge RFID

RFID is currently the easiest way and take lesser time for vehicle to pass the toll. However there are concern where do the 20% special offer that only Penang Citizen have when crossing first bridge, will it apply to the RFID or not?

Well, it did apply but it is not automatically recognize and update from your Touch N Go card into their system. Every eligible Touch N Go card with the 20% special rate will need to register themself again at the specific Plus Miles site.

To start with the registration, make sure your MyKAD is showing you are born in Penang.

1. Prepare all the documents required.

If you are the vehicle owner:
– MyKAD copy
– Vehicle ownership certificate (Car Grant)

If you are not the vehicle owner:
– Authorisation Letter (Download)
– MyKAD copy of the car owner
– Supporting documents showing your relationship with the vehicle owner. (Eg. birth cert, marriage cert, etc)

All the documents in softcopy MUST rename it with Capital letter. Ya, a weird thing, but I do get problem submit when didn’t have the name in capital.

2. Go to the Specific URL.

Once you have all the documents ready, head to the register URL:

* You will require to sign in with your Plus Miles login detail. If do not have an account before, just create a new one at

3. Choose your registration type.

Once you enter the website, click “Daftar“, from the category desired, be it individual or company.

4. Choose your vehicle class.

5. Choose you are citizen of Penang.

You will then required to login now, use your Plus Miles login detail to login.

6. Fill up your details.

You MUST use Capital letter to fill up all the field, else might have the risk of submission error or reject submission.
These information will also the same as your Plus Miles profile detail.

7. Fill vehicle details and upload documents.

Continue fill up the field for your vehicle’s info. Remember MUST fill with Capital letter.
Then upload all the softcopy documents that you have prepared earlier.

8. Submit and wait for result.

Once submit, the processing will go to Plus Miles first, where it will take around 7 days, then you will receive email from Plus Miles stating they have complete processed and pass the info to Touch N Go.

And wait for another 5-7 days, you will then get the successful message from Touch N Go.

You may now drive your vehicle passing the RFID toll and enjoy the special rate while crossing Penang Bridge.

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