RM 1 Premium Coffee in Penang

Is it possible to get a cup of coffee mocha, latte, cappuccino, etc at the price of RM 1?

yup, it is possible to get one in Penang, Malaysia, and some more is in a shopping mall.

If you happen to be in Penang, and finding for a caffeine fix but unfortunately you got RM 1 left to spend for this, just teleoport to Gurney Plaza (to get there), 3rd Floor’s Urban Coffee (inside Urban Republic computer/mobile accessories shop actually), located at New Wing, next to Switch the Apple Retail shop, which both owned by CG Computers.

This is a Pay as U Wish concept adopted by the shop owner getting idea from somewhere in UK. It’s a self-service counter with iPad showing menu for available beverage, and order will send to the bartender behind to process the beverage. Payment is made to the bartender after customer enter the amount of money they wish to pay for the cup of desired beverage, it can be any amount even as low as RM 1! If you are happy with the service & concept and in a good mood after got a lottery win, you can pay RM 100 for the same cup of coffee also!

To get started, tap on the order screen in the iPad.

Choose the coffee that you are craving for..

Confirm the order after done the selection.

Now enter the amount of money you wish to pay. At bettom will showing some suggested price if you have no idea what amount to enter. If guilty overwhelming you, then don’t put too low price and enter the price that will let you pay happily and drink happily.

Once order sent, the bartender will start the magic to deliver the cup of coffee. And at this moment, you will even get a 10% discount voucher to shop in Urban Republic for all items excludes mobile phones and tables.

Here’s the RM 1.00 Mocha coffee that I just got for myself, Voila~!

Good news is, there are more of this Pay as U Wish in other Urban Coffee outlet’s such as Midvalley Megamall, KL, The Spring, Kuching.

and ya, if the crowd is not much during your ordering, the baristas would make a nice lovely coffee art and even a 3D coffee art for your drink!

Pictures below courtesy from Barista Zoey from Urban Coffee (instagram).

Gotta drink ’em all?

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