Safety On Road | Please check car tires more often.

Guys Girls, do check your car’s tires often. Car tires are important and they helps keep your car moving.

IF anything goes wrong.. It might bring you go to heaven or hell..

So I do share out how is the car tires failure I have missed out, and found out recently where it actually exist there for more than a month..

I can’t imagine I still drive under this situation for more than a month! (Drive on both normal and highway @.@ gosh… ) Where I’ve hear some weird sound from the rear part but can’t find out what is it. Everytime start drive the car will have the sound like the tire got some sticky thing stick on it and roll rolling.. Then now finally I know the reason =P

One Big Hole!! until you can see the steel ply..

I was at Uncle Peng’s Tires workshop there for the repairing.

Uncle Peng doing some alignment for the new tires I think, haha

The workshop is at Sungai Ara area, you guys can go there if need any repairing. Good service and affordable price =)

The location for the workshop.

Click on map for larger size to view =)

So.. I know I am Blessed!! Thank God!! >.<

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