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Finally, Eight Week Challenge have to an end.

To know what is it about, visit here >> link

To know how’s the process roughly, visit here >> link

But this does not mean I can wallop whatever I want =P From the previous 8 weeks, the programmed have totally helped me to tune my eating habit into a different one, and I would say is a healthy one. Now I’m not really used to those high sugar, oily, and salty food that can found easily around me. Wan Tan Mee, Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Western Chop Chop, whatever awesome nice food that you can name it in Penang, my stomach can’t take it so easily now. Even beverage, my favourite Kopi Oo Gao (Concentrated Roasted Coffee Drink), I feel it’s way too sweet now >.< oh my oh my…

But even so (seems like so sad case), deep from my heart, I’m really has to thanks Chief and Gunny for make this programme available. And also thanks to instructors Sarge Boon, Corp Foong, and Corp Kenny who pushes a lot during bootcamp session, especially Corp Kenny that help a lot in gym session. Fellow comrades in gym Kiwi, Jun Eng, Linda, and Max actually give me a big push during these workout as their hardwork in pushing themselves inspired me not to stall that much.

After this pain and sweat 8 weeks, I’m proud and confident to say my stamina has improved a lot. This is not an easy thing to complete. And I would not able to make it that far if I’m doing this alone. There need lots of pushes and sharing among fellow recruits to make it happen. My stamina improved so much that I could complete a 30KM run (first in my life that I run that far!) in 3 hours and 36 minutes, paced 6:44 min/km. That could be my personal best pace that ever recorded. And now I’m really confident to go for the upcoming virgin marathon (42km only can be counted as marathon) in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012!!

Here’s my Before and After measurement that recorded.

Chest/Bust (cm): Before 81.7cm: After 70.9 cm

Weight (Kg): Before 57.2kg: After 54.0 kg

Upper Arm: (arm relax as according to ISAK)
Before L: 27.8cm / R: 27.9cm:
After L: 28.3 cm / R: 27.2 cm

Waist: Before 77.8cm: After 69.7 cm

Hips: Before 91.4cm: After 86.4 cm

Upper Thigh:
Before L: 50.9cm / R: 52.5cm
After L: 49.5 cm / R: 49.0 cm

Body Fat (%):
Before 15% (Tanita body composition analyser)
After 10.6 % (skinfold)

Benchmark Score:
BM1: 08:49 / BM2: 09:02 (03 Sept 2012)
BM1: 08:00 / BM2: 07:58 (30 Oct 2012)

And some (naked) photos taken during the challenge =P

~ Before ~

~ During 8 Weeks Challenge ~

Above from left to right is Week 0, Week 4, Week 6, Week 7.

~ Final shot for Week 0 and Week 8 ~


The result I have is consider moderate, as I’m kinda skinny person and the only part that I would like to improve is my little tummy and overal body muscle mass. And I’m really happy with my progress! =D

And if you feels I’m good, help Vote me here!! =D and give some comments too

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Besides me, there’s so much more successful ripped person that you must see, do visit their transformation at links below for those in Penang (part of 8WC challengers):

Do visit for more!!



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