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Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 – My Virgin Full Marathon!


Before this, I completed my half-marathon at time of 3:30:59 [view post] in 2011, and 3:10:02 [view post] in 2010. Both of these were my longest distance I went so far. I can just say I’m just a casual runner who didn’t really go run and just like to join race event syok syok only. One of the reason

Until I got this birthday gift from my darling in 2011, an Asics running shoes.

Then only I start to get more time into sports (last time cause dun have proper sport shoes. even go hiking also wear slipper =P)

And then near end of 2011, I spotted a deal in Groupon regarding a fitness training programme, called bootcamp. Actually I have no idea what is that all about. Only I saw those photos posted were quite interesting and then I go buy and joined. Ended up I’m into a no-return-trip. Yes, I joined Chie’f Original Bootcamp. Starting Jan 2012, where I first reported on the field, I know I’m in trouble when meet a group of crazy hyperactive peeps!! Positive energy flow from them are enourmous! Throughout the year, I’ve join many event as my first time, and the most running events in a year of my lifetime. I even drag my darling Novelle along to join COBC (it takes few months before she calm the fear and terror before joining =P heheh). End up both of us also addicted to long distance running events.

In year 2012,I’ve then joined few running events in Malaysia, some with good timing some with bad timing.

Malakoff Penang 2012 (17KM) – Penang (1:57:14)
Dnonce Hiking (9.8KM Trail) – Penang (1:47:00)
Standard Chartered KL 2012 (21KM) – Kuala Lumpur (2:51:58)
MPSP Green Run 2012 (21KM) –    Penang    (3:04:00)
Adidas KOTR 2012 (16.8KM) – Kuala Lumpur (2:08:48)
Taiping Marathon (21KM) – Taiping (3:00:00++)
Pacesetter 30KM – Kuala Lumpur (3:36:03)

Joining PBIM 2012 as full marathon was actually come into my mind after I complete the Malakoff with better timing, and set a goal for myself to complete a FM this year. After that, there goes various running events coming up and run together with all the crazy bootcampers =P hahah

Ok, enough for the long-winded, focus on this event.


The race started quite well for me as I have enough sleep (approx 5 hours) before meet up with Sarge and others for carpooling to QB area. And the day before, also did awesome job in carbo-loading, hahaha.

When the MC of the event start counting down, I get ready with Runkeeper and waiting for the race to start, the gun shoot 1 minutes before 2am as per my watch timing. This year, PBIM have improved much better, and they integrate the live tracking apps for all the runners. Once we crossing the starting line, the tracking apps will start track our run at once.

0 – 10KM

At first 10KM, I’m running with confidence (because of result gained from Pacesetter 30KM) and with steady pace at 6:00 min/km, aim to follow 4:30 pacer. First time in full marathon (My Virgin Marathon Run!!) and also first time start running that early at 2am, I found it’s quite nice, as the road is not that pack with runners. Compare to half-marathon last time, I still hardly start run until a certain distance. But for FM, around after 1KM distance, where the turning point to Seagate factory, runners start to speed up their pace and no feeling that suffocate running in huge pack.

Water station is very accurate this time where approximately 3KM I got chance to grab waters to drink. In this run, I skip the first water station and start drinking only at 2nd water station. So far hydration doing well for me when reaching 2nd water station. Along the way I enjoy my run very much =D

11 – 20KM

when reaching 15-16KM I feel something weird on my feet where my stride was making me keep hitting my toes very hard. After 5th water station I start to slow down as the pain on toes start worsening as I believe blisters start building up (suspecting new socks that bought yesterday causing this problem). But still I try to run passing toll and grab the bun and 100plus at 6th water station. I take some sweet time chewing the bun, drinking the 100plus, went around the WS taking plain water to drink before I resume running. I only ate half of the bun and keep in my pocket, for emergency hunger solution =P heheh

But while nearly reaching 7th water station, my feet’s starting to slow down alot and I’m on walking pace now. I saw the 5:00 pacers just pass and fly so fast. Aikss.. must catch up that balloon!!

 21KM – 30KM

After 7th water station, Jun Eng passing me from behind and told me his things falling down from the plastic bags and lucky he didnt put his phone in the bag, hahha. Talk for awhile he passing me running while I recovering my pain as I’m walking.At the mid point of the bridge, FM runners start to merge with HM runners, I can see there’s a big swarm of runners merging and run together. This could be the nightmare for FM as the road is very jam pack and you need to turning left and right to by-pass other runners, where most of them are walking. I start running again after having first power gel after the merging point, and run until 26KM before slowing down again and back to walking. My ankle start to feel very sore at this time, not sure if I’m causing my ankle tired when turn left right too much passing others HM runners. At 28KM when turning out and going down the bridge, I saw Lily passing from behind running good. Very funny she run toward the photographers at the side and posing then run away again, hahahah.

31KM – 37KM

I’m walking until HM runners u-turning back to the direction heading to QB, and slowly start run a little. But my ankle pain was calling me stop very soon after a kilometre. I only able to walk and run for 200meter then walk again. Passing Tesco and the distance now is very looooong. Many FM runners start to walk at this point. At opposite direction I can see many FM runners are on their way back to QB. At this time feel kan jiong when se 4:30 pacers already on their way back. Am start to worry am I way too slow that will get kick out from cut-off time? I keep pushing my legs to run whenever I could. After passing Shell, at the opposite direction I spotted Eric, then Gimmay (what? She run damn fast wei!!),  Simon, Kiwi, Corp Kenny, and Sarge already on their way back. Sarge was in walking pace and he seriously look pain on his face, I was suspecting he might suffer some injuries somewhere (and afterward found that he got his thight and knee muscle hurt alot). After struggling long enough and finally I reach the Banana station!! I did take my sweet time eating the banana, take 2 cups of 100plus, 1 cup of water. Like I’m having a banana cocktails, hahaha. Once refreshed myself, I start to walk again and now heading back to QB. Along the way, I stopby few first aid station to get ice treatment on thight and knee. can’t get ice my pain ankle and only can ice those sore part that visible.. Sad that I couldn’t run at this distance as I wish to. My knee was started feel much more pain as well. Pacers of 5:30 were in my sign as well. Stress-nya. Had my 2x powergel also no use, the pain in the joints are making me can’t run at all.

38 – 42KM

Walk until I saw the 5Km distance marker, I’m still not able to run as I wanted to. My legs were not tired, but my painful joint stopping them to run. Only can walk.the 5:30 pacers starting get very fast away from my sign. And 6:00 pacers passing me from behind when turning into QB at the last KM (where the hell did them come from?? T.T ). Want to have my time within 6 hours, I keep follow the 6:00 pacers and pull myself running at the last 200meter.  I sprint only at last 50meter and crossing the finish line flying with sore joint! marking my time 5hr 53min (average pace 8:23 min/km) for my first Full Marathon! Hooyah!! XD

And I’m proud to say I’m a Marathoner now!! hahahha

Below is the map recorded in Runkeeper.

Finishing medal is quite pretty. My proudest medal so far, heheh

Some camwhore and photos with my darling. She did great and finish within 2 and a half hour for her half marathon! reduced by 2 hours compared to her last year result!! Am really proud of her! =D

here are some photos taken together with other comrades, heheh

Here’s are the blisters that causing the start of slow pace. Lesson learned, no new socks, no more. Still love my feet, hehehe. Cute feet isn’t it? =P

Medals collection this year.

And this mark my first experience for Full Marathon. I’m now ready (even legs still pain) for more Full Marathon next year on 2013!! Hooyah!! XD

Do check out photo album in PBIM official Facebook page for more event photos,

Personally feel this year PBIM is well organised, but there too have room more improvement. Looking forward for next year to run on new Bridge!! =D

You may also check your result now at URL below =D

Check Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 Result



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10 years ago

[…] thought PBIM 2012 will be my last run in 2012, and actually rejected to run for this. And joining this year PAAA […]

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10 years ago

[…] thought PBIM 2012 will be my last run in 2012, and actually rejected to run for this. And joining this year PAAA […]

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