7 things I notice about Learning Ability in people

No matter what ages of people, giving 20s, 30s, 40s, up to 70s above.. I’ve notice that the learning ability are different by their willingness to learn or when they are force to learn. Giving these different ages of ppl in a same class teaching the same thing, there are few funny things to be notice:

  1. Elder people doesn’t mean they are weak in learning new thing.
  2. Elder people doesn’t mean they are more experience than younger people.

  3. Younger people doesn’t mean they lack of experience.

  4. Either younger people or elder people, those posses advantage in learning thing fast are those open minded and positive people.

  5. Negative and close minded people tend to have many complains during learning and they hardly accept the things they learn.

  6. Elder people also tend to have more close and negative minded than younger people, with reason they claim to have more life experience than younger people.

  7. Even the same things are deliver to everyone at the same times, there actually 80% didn’t get it until the moment they need to use it. They will ask around again to others when needed although the solution is provided over and over again.

Conclusion is, if you want to be more successful, always be positive and open minded and keep on learning. Never judge a younger person to have less experience or elder person to have more experience. Your view might be wrong but other people’s view might not be correct as well although claimed to be from an experienced one. Always understand the facts & reasons behind. If not willing to do these, then will have to accept the faith that consistent learners will be outperform you and you will always laggard behind chasing dreams hardly realizing it.

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