Apple iOS 9 – Notes new feature

The Notes app appeared to have some cool features in iOS 9 for iPad.

You may now able to create To Do List instantly in Notes. Simply type your tasks in separate lines, highlight them and touch on the circled-tick on the keypad. Or your may touch on the circled-tick then type your task line by line.

Writing paragraph and bullet’ing is now made simple. Touch on the Aa on the keyboard and you may select different type of bullet or formatting your words and paragraph.


The cool feature that amaze us is actually the sketch & drawing feature that make enabled in Notes (available in iPhone also). Touch on the doodle line at the bottom right corner to launch the drawing mode. There are 3 types of drawing tool to select, the Pen, Market Pen, the Pencil, Ruler, and Eraser. You may select more than 20 colors from the preset color palettes.

The ruler tool is one of great stuff. It help you draw a straight line easily and let you know how long it is.

And also, you may know how many angle your line gonna be.

Now this Notes has become my favorite apps in iOS 😉


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