5 Essential Must Know Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcut Key

When using a Mac, especially fresh switcher from Windows, there are some shortcut key that you must know. Because unlike Windows, Mac responses very fast and when you able to execute common using shortcut effectively, you will be like a computer Pro and Champ (if not, at least will looks like one).

Here are the few keyboard button you in Apple Mac that at first they might appear alien to you. Once you’ve familiar with them, then you might ask why Windows don’t such awesome button in their keyboard 😉

⌘ Command key

⌃ Control key

⌥ Option key

⇧ Shift Key

⇪ Caps Lock

fn Function Key

Basically the Command key serve the same (almost) purpose as Windows button. What you did in Windows keyboard eg. Ctrl+C for Cut, you may now use Command key + C for Cut in Mac.

While below are some shortcut trick for Mac beginner to feel

1. Taking screenshots

Command – Shift – 3: Capture the screen and save an image file at desktop.
Command – Shift – Control – 3: Capture the screen to the Clipboard.
Command – Shift – 4: Capture a selection of the screen and save it to an image file at desktop, or press the spacebar to capture just a window
Command – Shift – Control – 4: Capture a selection of the screen to the Clipboard, or press the spacebar to capture just a window

2. Invert/revert the screen colors

Command-Option-Control-8: Inverting screen color into negative-like mode.

3. Open the folder that contains the current folder

Command-Up Arrow: While navigate in Finder, the window explorer for Mac, using this shortcut will help you open up the file you navigating instantly.

4. Fast Restart

Command – Control – power button: Restart with clicking into menu selection

5. Instant Shut Down

Command + Option + Control + Eject: Make sure you don’t have anything not yet save for your documents, it really mean to shut down instantly.

There are more shortcuts you may found in here.

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