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Here’s how to change your iPhone iOS call ringtone in a manual way or not-so-easy way that most Android user like to call it to take advantage on this what they seems a flaw in smartphone, haha

So you have a song, let’s say in here we use Song 1, that you would like to make it as a your ringtone. Song 1 is one full song.

Open up iTunes and go to the song that you want to make it in ringtone.

Right-click on it and go to Get Info.

The song’s info will pop up, go to Options.

Update the time in Start and Stop to trim the section of song you want to make it as ringtone. It is best to have the duration trim within 25 seconds, so that the ringtone file won’t get too heavy for your phone memory. If you want to have the whole song as ringtone, then just leave the number as it is, no need to change the time. Once you’ve set the number, click OK then close the message box.

Now back to your playlist, select the song again, go to File > Convert > Create AAC Version. This will create a duplicated song with same song name but different format. It will then create the song to be .m4a music format.

IF you have a very long list, you can actually view in Songs section to have a better check on which file to select.

So after convert your song into .m4a format with desired song duration, select it then right click and go to Get Info.

Go to the File tab to check on your file location, cause your will need to amend it into another format manually.

Go to the file in explorer and locate the song’s file. You should be able to see the .m4a file extension at behind of the file, if there’s nothing appear after the file name, then you might need to show it up (follow this link on how to enable file extension: How to Show/Hide File Extension).

Now, change the file format into .m4r file format.

Once the file extension is updated, you will notice that iTunes will no longer found your song and it will show a circled exclamation mark next to the song.

What you need to do now is locate back the song to the right location path. Right-click on the song name and go to Get Info again.

A message box will pop up and ask to locate the file, click Locate and point the location path to the correct one.

This is how it looks like if your steps is correct so far.

Now, connect your iPhone to your computer and go to device menu in iTunes.

Sync your new ringtone and it should be able to appear in your iPhone after the sync is complete.

On you iPhone, update your call ringtone in Settings > Sounds > Ringtone. You should be able to see your new ringtone there and select it to use.

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