Chief’s Original Bootcamp

Nearly a month participate in Chief’s Original Bootcamp (,, I can says it’s a good experience and getting addict on it, hahah.

Something like addict to torture? =P  yea.. somehow like this but it is not. It actually help you gain better and healthy body =D

And what is bootcamp actually? For those who not knowing about this, it’s actually a intense programmed military based outdoor training that trained by specialised trainers. For more details you may refer to here!programs

There are many bootcamp out there, however the one I joined is the longest running, Chief’s Original Bootcamp. What is special for this one? The explanation as below I get from their site =P


1- Because the PROGRAM was designed in Australia from a 20 years of Outdoor, Group Personal Training experience, research and improvised for maximum gained by combining the ATP, anaerobic and aerobic level of conditioning all in only 1 hour of workout, three times a week!!!

2- Because the INSTRUCTORS have to undergo RIGOROUS TRAINING by the Australia Global Master Trainer, International master Trainer, Regional Master Trainer and assessed & re-assessed to ensure they are qualified.

And yea, another thing is I get to know there’s a special shoes known as Vibram Five Fingers ( This is very tempting and my mind keep buzzing me to get one!! hahah.

This month is lucky cause there have a COBC special for BAF (Bring – A – Friend) session made in Penang Beach.

At first, I thought it will hard as this..

But think may be it wont be so hard lar.. Many new people coming right? Mana tahu, also drained your energy to nearly max, hahah.

Here’s some photos grab from COBC FB group.

After the 1 hour session, my darling and fishy and her friends freak out already by these workouts, so fetch them back first. And I’ve missed out the session bullying the instructors Sarge and Corps, hahaha.

Looks FUN right?????? =D

Anyone interested to join actually can register fast, cause they have early bird registration extended to 29 Jan 2012. Check the URL here to find out more!! =D

Those who love outdoor sports will really enjoy the fun in it, HOOYAH!!!   hahah

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