Sending free SMS from Gmail – Malaysia

Today just found out that Gmail enabled free SMS (up to 50 messages) for Malaysia. This is applicable for Digi and Maxis telco customers for the moment.

How to get it?

Step 1: Enable Gmark from Gmail Lab. Go to “Mail Settings” > “Labs” > “SMS (text messaging) in Chat” > Turn on “enable”.

Step 2: Go to Chat section and type in phone number with country code. Click “Send SMS”. A message box will pop-up, update the information there.


Step 3: And now you may send SMS to your saved phone number, with up to 50 messages per day.

There are 50 SMS credits available and it will be replenish daily when you used up (

So, here’s how it gonna look like when you sending a SMS from Gmail =D

Try it out and Have Fun!

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