Clear Whatsapp Memory

Whatsapp memory keep rising and having a hard time to backup it? Worry not, here’s an easy way to clear up individual or group chat’s contents to free up the space.

Step 1. Go to Whatsapp’s Setting and then go to Data and Storage Usage

Step 2. Proceed to Storage Usage

Step 3. Here you will see a list of conversation (individual & group) with their memory size. Select the one that you want to clear up its space.

Step 4. Click on Manage.

Step 5. You may now select which data you want to remove. Click Clear after you’ve made your selection.

You may choose text messages, contacts shared, location shared, photos, GiFs, videos, voice messages, and documents.

Step 6. A pop-up message will show you how much space you will able to saved if remove these contents. Click Clear once you confirmed.

Step 7. Taadaaa~~ More space now. Repeat until you have free up desired memory space.

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