Eight Week Challenge

This is a once a year challenge organised by Original Bootcamp (facebook) in Australia, and in Malaysia we have Chief’s Original Bootcamp (facebook) to participate along with.

What is this all about? and Why I wanna join?

This is actually a body transformational programmed designed to cater for people wan to transform his or her body to a dream hot one within just 8 weeks (2 months). Yes, you heard it, just 2 months! There will be given special diet plan and workout to follow on. For this year, I’ve enrolled into this challenge and wanna see how far I can go! =D I shall blog from time to time in this 8 weeks to see what transformation I have going thru. Wish me luck XD hahah

More detail about Malaysia enrollment can check out the link below, closing 2 September 2012!!

and to boost up the winning spirit, COBC Malaysia include one special prize for winner. Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon or Seeya!! Too tempting lar wei.. check out the link below.


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