Experience on Malaysia Mobile Number Porting

Just to share my experience on changing Malaysia’s mobile number operator from existing to another. All process perform online without going to any physical store.

Some term that used are like:
Port in: To subscribe into next/new mobile operator
Port out: To exit from current mobile operator

The overall process I experienced taking about 3 days.

Day 1:
Request mobile porting request from the mobile operator that you want to port in into. Here are the links below from each mobile operator. Before send the request, make sure the criteria below is fulfilled:
– Your current plan is not bind with any contract. Otherwise you will just have to get penalty from terminate contract prematurely.
– No outstanding bill.
– You are not blacklist by any mobile operator. If found out to be blacklisted, check and see which operator blacklist you and call up to their customer service hotline. Normally is due to some outstanding bill not being clear. Just pay them up and the blacklist will clear within 24 hours.

Celcom – Switch to Celcom
Maxis – Switch to Maxis
Digi – Switch to Digi
U Mobile – Switch to U Mobile

Once you submit the port in request, mobile operator will send courier a free sim card to your address. Now just wait for the arrival of new sim card.

Day 2:
If the courier service is doing all well, you should be receive the sim card on Day 2, otherwise might need to wait few more day before it arrive.

Follow the instruction in the package to start porting process. You will require to go to website mentioned in the instruction and fill up (normally) your IC and serial number on the sim card.

After submit these information, the porting process is started. There will be few SMS send to you, take note on those SMS and reply accordingly. Normally is from the operator that you want to port out, asking for confirmation to switch to other operator.

Day 3:
So now you will wonder, when should I change my sim card? It’s actually just wait for the porting process to complete.

How to know the process is complete? The easiest way is when you see your phone have no longer showing mobile signal (Don’t check it inside the lift please..). Then you can take out existing sim card and insert the new sim card that has received.

Voila, just enjoy your new mobile operator and experience if their service is better than previous one.

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