How to reach Amazon Live Chat, Email, and Call

The direct path to reach Amazon customer service isn’t that straight forward where you can click a Contact Us then it will pop up the mode of contact. Often, it request you to go thru the FAQs and dig inside before can find the clue on where to get it.

If you have encounter any issue when buying/selling with Amazon, you may go to this link directly:

you will need to login before reach the Contact Us page.

You will then need to choose the topic first and select some relevant option.

There will have 3 buttons appear, showing “Email”, “Phone”, and “Chat”. Choose the mode of contact you would like to reach the customer service team to solve your problem.

For the Amazon Live Chat option, the response is pretty fast, and the assigned live chat person will follow up with your issue after you have end the chat as well. So far, the live chat person assigned that reply to the message are looks promising like a real human. Thus, after the live chat session before close the chat box, do give them a Thumb Up or send them some brightful word to cheer them up at the other end.

For phone call option, you will lead to next page to put in your valid phone number. Please ensure you are free and have your details with you, eg. order number, issue details, etc. So that when the support team call you, they can get the needed info quick and help to find your solution faster.

For email option, you will guide to next page to fill up content of your issue and it will be send the message to their support team. The reply email will be sent to the one you registered under Amazon account. Make sure you email space is not full and not blocking amazon’s incoming email, which should be spell as

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