Facebook at Work

Facebook has now got Facebook just for office workspace. You will have to sign up using your work email and not your personal email.

Simply go to the Facebook for Work main page and sign up / login, and you will have fun with your colleagues.



What’s Good?
Facebook at Work allow users to use the online social platform that everyone is familiar with in their workspace, ermm, if your boss allowed.

This actually helps team members to communicate well and to share info in a much faster pace. It also helps to let everyone know who are working in the company and where (department) they are from, and how do they looks like.

Features available in Facebook at Work:
News Feed for memo announcement/company updates,
Work Chat (Messenger) for quick meeting tool,
Groups for better department discussion and working on tasks and deadline,
Event help update everyone employees on company’s activities. It’s more about connection and communications among employees.

Which Company Will Get Benefits?
Company that practice open discussion/communication.
Company that need operate in a fast pace.
Company that need faster and effective discussion with output.
Company that like to increase morale of employees.
Company who would like to attract Gen-Y & Gen-Z talents.

If your company does not belong to what have mention above, well, may be Facebook at Work is just not suitable for your workspace.

List of company that using Facebook at Work includes, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), My Lilttle Paris, IJM Corporation, Telenor Group, Heineken USA, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Mobilink, Landmark Group (UK) Ltd, Yes Bank India, Kenshoo, etc.

Here’s a video showcase IJM Corporation in Malaysia on their sharing in using Facebook at Work.

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