Google Docs killer new feature – Voice Typing, and how to get it

Now, there’s a killer feature added into Google Docs (product of Google Drive, that allow to you type without touching the keyword, just by using your sexy voice.

When you are into the Google Docs, simply go to Tools > Voice Typing.

And there will have one mic pop-up at the side. Click on the mic to make it turn red color and start talking. You can see the feature automatically capture your voice and predicting the nearest possible words for you.

There are few punctuation that you can voice-to-text it out, such as:

“Period” as .
“Comma” as ,
“Exclamation point” as !
“Question mark” as ?
“New line” as an enter
“New Paragragh” as enter into new paragraph

It’s kinda awesome! And yes, it did predict well for Asian broken English voice. Have fun and test it out! 😉


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