Google Maps Distance Measurement Tool

Just now, while browsing thru Google Maps and.. saw this feature =D

Google Maps now have Distance Measurement Tool !!

Nice!! hahha

How to use or get the Distance Measurement Tool (DMT)? You can see there is a small ruler icon just beside the measurement scale. Click on it.

Then after that just click ur mouse on the map and there will be a Green starting point anchor appear. It you accidentally click on the wrong starting spot and want to replace the correct one, just click on RESET button.

and then the next click of your mouse on the map will be the next landing point to measure the distance. A Red landing anchor will appear. You can continuous click on it to extend the length to different and longer direction.

And now, we can have fun measuring the location distance!! =D

So, if you wan to swim around the lovely Penang island (beware of jelly fishes, plastic bags, human feces, toxic pee, banana skins, etc etc), here is the distance you are going to achieve..

Have Fun!!

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