Hide Facebook profile friend list

Recently there’s changes of Facebook profile interface and the friend list become more visible to public, bigger photos, hmm… =/  looks more ugly actually, hahha

And suddenly I’d feel that it will be better to hide my friend list. Because some people might just randomly add people and act like they very know them. This might cause some annoyance to some of my friends. So, am decide to hide my friend list and not show it on my profile.

If you wish to hide your friend list with same thought as mine, here is some simple steps on how to do it.

Step 1: Go to “Account” >> “Privacy Settings”

Step 2: Then under Privacy Settings page, click on the “view settings” under “Connecting on Facebook”.

Step 3: Under “See your friend list” Click on the Customise button and choose “Only me”

Then, it is done =)

Happy facebooking.

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