How to update firmware in DJI Phantom 3

Here will be showing step by step illustrated showing how to update firmware for DJI Phantom 3, applicable for Pro and Advanced edition.


Step 1. Download Firmware update package.

Go to to download the latest package.


Step 2. Extract the zip file and get the .bin file.


Step 3. Move the .bin file into root directory of micro SD card.

the .bin update file will be use for both aircraft and remote controller.


Step 4. Updating Aircraft.

4.1 > Remove the propeller and camera holding device.

4.2 > Insert the micro SD card into the camera gimbal.

4.3 > Make sure the battery is in full capacity, this is very important to prevent the upgrade fail.

4.4 > Power on the aircraft and the update will start automatically with sound pattern Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep. The process might take up to 25-30 minutes++, there will be sound pattern of fast continuous beeping during the updating BeepBeepBeepBeep.. Be patient during this hour of time and you may enjoy few sip of coffee, reading and napping.

4.5 > Once the aircraft is complete the update, it will indicate with a sound pattern of Beeeeeep-Beep-Beep.

4.6 > Power off the aircraft, take out the micro SD card from aircraft and insert into PC/laptop to check the status of the update. You may found a new .txt file generated.

4.7 > If the update is successful, there will be written Result: Success.. and indicating which .bin file it is.


Step 5. Update the remote controller.

5.1 > Make sure the remote controller have at least 50% + battery left before start the update. If not charge it first.

5.2 > Using a USB micro SD card reader, insert the micro SD card into the USB card reader, then insert the reader into the USB port on the remote controller. Power on the remote controller then the update will start automatically. The process will take about 10 minutes. Slightly shorter than the aircraft update.

5.3 > If you do not have a USB micro SD card reader, you may proceed to this step using a USB cable. First, insert the micro SD card into the aircraft. Then connect the USB port on both aircraft and remote controller.

Power on the remote controller

then power on the aircraft.

The update will have a delayed-start for about 20 seconds. Once it’s started, the remote control indicator light will turn to blue with fast beeping sound pattern. At this time, there also have weird sound coming out from the aircraft. Just don’t be panic, stay calm and drink a cup of Jasmine tea and bite some lemon. The remote control indicator light might change to green at this time, but don’t turn it off too early.

5.4 > Once the update is complete, power off the aircraft first, then power off the remote controller. Take out the micro SD card to check the update status. It will be the same as aircraft, if the update is successful, you will obtain the text line of Result: Sucess.. in the .txt file.


Step 6. Check the firmware version in mobile apps.


Step 7. Update firmware for DJI intelligent battery.

If you have more than one DJI intelligent batteries, it is advise to update them to the latest firmware as well.

To update, simply put in the battery into the aircraft, while the .bin file is still in the micro SD card, power on the aircraft and let it run the update, it will be similar to procedure in Step 4 Do this in full cycle for each of the battery that you have.


You may watch the tutorial video from official DJI Youtube Channel below to get a clearly picture on the firmware update.

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