My Experience on TIME Fibre Home Broadband 100 Mbps

Just got install this 100 Mbps fibre internet package from TIME dotCom (Web | Facebook).

Do check from their website first to see if their service covered your area. Currently Time Fibre Home Broadband available for high-rises and yet to cover landed property.

The installation was took around approx. 3 hours with 3 person for my site. There’re 2 person with TIME T-shirt for installing the fibre cable and 1 person from contractor’s side for fixing up the router setting. The process involved very minimum drilling (if there’s way to routing the fibre cable into your preferred setup area, there won’t be any drilling work at all). The cable was glued all the way neatly to my preferred setup area, so I got not much complain on it. Although the whole process took a little bit too long time from what I think personally.

TIME was giving 3 equipment along with the package. 1 x Motorola wireless phone (ya, with that striking TIME’s favorite Pink color), 1 x HUAWEI Optical Network Terminal, and 1 x D-Link 850L AC wireless router. Is important that they using the correct wireless router, else the speed can’t be supported.


After the setup was done, there goes the speedtest, and here are the test results.

Speedtest result showing less than 20 Mbps download/upload speed with Wifi connection on laptop with Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi M.2 Adapter.


Speedtest result showing more than 90 Mbps download/upload speed with LAN cable connection on laptop with Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller.


Speedtest result showing more than 70+ Mbps download and less than 1 Mbps upload speed on iPhone 5S Wifi connection.


From all the different test results, it let me clear off one thing, that is, to get a fast broadband speed, the network adapter (be it Lan or Wifi), the wireless router, and the internet broadband speed itself play important role. Either one will comprise the total connection quality if they are not up to the performance standard.

And also one thing, make sure wireless adapter is able to support connection of 802.11a or 802.11 ac Wifi. When login to the D-Link dashboard (you can do so by open up browser and go to url address. By default the password is empty, please do set one password for your router), you will notice there’re 2 different frequency of wireless connection, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.


Difference in this 2 frequency is that 2.4 GHz is highly congested and 5 GHz is less congested and you will get a better speed when connect to 5 GHz. Both will serve relative same max speed limit (older type will have max speed up to 54 Mbps while newer type can be support max up to 150-300 Mbps). And 2.4 GHz has larger coverage are due to longer frequency range, while 5 GHz although is stronger signal but coverage is shorter than 2.4 GHz.


It is also important to know whether your device able to support and connect you to higher speed. After few connection speedtest tests, I’d found out that iPhone 5S and iPad mini 4th Gen can connect to 5 GHz connection, while iPhone 4 only able to detect 2.4 GHz connection.


So, here above are my experience and discovery on using TIME Fibre Internet Home Broadband. Well, 100 Mbps do really more than enough for a normal person usage if you ask me. Unless your purpose is to stream movie or needing massive internet connection then only you might go for higher speed. And if you really want a solid good high connection speed, plug in the Lan cable rather than using Wifi.

Check here on How to Terminate TM Unifi.


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