Remove hiberfil.sys and reduce pagefile.sys file in Microsoft Windows

Sometimes these two files in Mircrosoft Windows, hiberfil.sys & pagefile.sys, could consume huge amount of disk spaces, up to few GB (Gigabytes) of storage space. You could actually remove or reduce the size of these files from simple steps below.


Remove hiberfil.sys file in Microsoft Windows 8


Step 1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator


Step 2. Enter powercfg /h off and press enter


Step 3. Done. You shall see a new empty line if the command went through and executed. Close and exit.

In case you need to turn the hibernation on back, simply repeat the step and enter powercfg /h on, it will be all fine now.



Reduce pagefile.sys file in Microsoft Windows 8


Step 1. Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties


Step 2. Click and go to Advanced System Settings


Step 3. Then go to Settings.. under Advanced tab


Step 4. In Performance Options window, click and go to Advanced tab


Step 5. Under Virtual Memory section, click the Change.. button


Step 6. Choose No paging file or Custom size


Step 7. If choose Custom size, enter the value you desired and click Set and then Ok. Else, straight away click Ok for No paging file

You will then need to restart your PC to let this changes take in effect.

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