Remove Whatsapp privacy sharing to Facebook in 2 steps

Ever since Whatsapp acquired by Facebook, there were always question about will Facebook have access or abusing on the massive mobile number database globally that Whatsapp possessed?

Indeed Facebook have the right on how to use these resources. But they will not abuse it but it will be a very useful income generating database for Facebook, other from the Facebook users database.

In mid of Aug when Whatsapp suddenly prompt out a message showing new terms and conditions where users are to agree to share their account information to Facebook.

How these users account information will be used? No exact info release by official site yet but for sure Facebook can use it to gain more advertise exposure with this massive Whatsapp database.

If you have “accidentally” clicked agree when Whatsapp came out the account information sharing agreement page (which is most of us will do where we normally don’t read on the new terms and conditions on digital products), you can remove it by 2 simple steps below:

  1. Go to Settings then Account.

  1. You will then see at the bottom part there’s a Share My Account Info option that is turned on. Simply turned it off and you will then no longer sharing your account information to Facebook.


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