Solving Self-Hosted WordPress Frequent Error on Internal Server Error or 508 Resources Limit

If you are having issue with self-hosted WordPress where there happens to get very frequent occurrence of Internal Server Error or 508 Resources Limit, you may try the solution below.

Most of the recommendation solution around the web are to ask you update your PHP Memory Limit in wp-config.php or php.ini to have the memory limit increase up to 256M. But for my case, this solution doesn’t work for me, so I have to get another solution.

Before pinning down the cause, I’ve Enable WordPress Jetpack’s Monitor feature to monitor on when is my site’s downtime and how long will it last?

Jetpack’s Monitor feature was doing quite a good job in sending email to me notifying when my site is down and when it’s up back, and how much time in between.

Below are the notifications that I’ve got from Jetpack’s monitor and nearly faint.. So much downtime for such a small website of mine?? This happen whenever I publish a post, and sometimes which is happen during normal visitors visiting time without any access to admin panel.

  Down – Tuesday, June 21, 2:31 am
  Up – Tuesday, June 21, 2:58 am
  Down – Wednesday, June 22, 11:35 am
  Up – Wednesday, June 22, 11:48 am
  Down – Saturday, June 25, 12:50 am
  Up – Saturday, June 25, 1:18 am
  Down – Sunday, June 26, 6:10 pm
  Up – Sunday, June 26, 6:23 pm
  Down – Monday, June 27, 8:56 am
  Up – Monday, June 27, 9:03 am
  Down – Monday, June 27, 12:25 pm
  Up – Monday, June 27, 12:38 pm
  Down – Monday, June 27, 8:20 pm
  Up – Monday, June 27, 8:33 pm
  Down – Tuesday, June 28, 1:06 am
  Up – Tuesday, June 28, 1:13 am
  Down – Tuesday, June 28, 1:35 pm
  Up – Tuesday, June 28, 2:53 pm

After check with Resources Usage in cPanel, knowing that the allocated memory is max at 256M. Then I’ve decide to request my hosting provider (Exabytes) to increase the physical memory to a higher one. And they’d help me increase from 256M to 1024M.

After increased the memory, downtime due to Internal Server Error and 508 Resources Limit no longer appear.

I’ve notice there are two peaks of memory usage spike that touching 512M. This is when I’ve published a post, and no downtime happen after that, as the memory limit ceiling still got 50% more to go. Hooray!!

Oh ya, remember to update your PHP Memory Limit to higher value also.

Hope this solution help solved your problem too.

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