Wellness City Of Dreams or Wellness City Of Doom?

Refer to this article from Penang Property Talk website, reporting that there will eventually 110 acre of reclaimed land by Ewein Zenith at the congested northern area of Penang island, just next to Gurney Whart, which to be call as Wellness City of Dreams.


But is it only that? Nope.

When you look at the photo in the article there are road further expand out into the sea and where will it connect to?

It will either a highway link to Bagan Ajam, Butterworth or a small new island then to Bagan Ajam.

What?? a small island? Yup! a God Damn new island gonna be there!

An article back in February 2016 already mentioned there will be reclamation work take place and complete within 18 months. This reclamation work will be name as phase 2 Seri Tanjung Pinang – STP 2.


Saw this artwork showing how big the man-made island will be?

and how big it is if we view it from the map? yea, I mean in the real map.

It is Huge!

How huge will it be?? It gonna be like the area of the whole damn Penang Heritage area.

Back in 2013 news, there are 4 big major roads projects preliminary signed by CM Lim Guan Eng, that includes 3 in land highways in Penang island and 1 undersea tunnel connecting bagan ajam and gurney drive.


As with all these major “enhancements” being promised and slowly realized and put to work, this small little Penang island will gonna be in Doom’s stage in the coming 20 – 30 years.

There are always questions, why not spend more effort in developing Penang mainland where it have big mass of land that yet to be developed? But then I believe the money that shaking out from this small island is much more lucrative for all these giant developers.

But then I do hope they put into consideration that the sea-level is rising at a fast pace. Hope that these luxurious place can survive longer enough become being flood by sea-water. After all, these are not the responsible for those giant developers right? They are just there to make money. Nature caring? Nahh… not in concern.

(Image from Yahoo News)

God bless Penang.

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