Xiaomi Powerbank purchase experience: FedEx or UPS?

Xiaomi (website: mi.com/my or FB: facebook.com/XiaomiMalaysia) is no doubt a hot gadget in Malaysia, due to their create-for-thirst marketing & sales strategy.

After awhile and actually just ignore those crazy hype created by Xiaomi strategy but last 2 weeks, ngam ngam saw they got a FB post mentioning 12pm on that day got a flash sales again. Since that was just a 5 minutes away from the flash sales then I waited and go to their site to place the order. Just that the 10400mAh Mi powerbank was sold out when I want to buy it (in just less than one minute!!), then I choose the smaller capacity one. And it was a successful attempt to secure two units of 5200mAh Mi powerbank with RM 25/each, one for myself and one for my love. After fill up the required information and made the payment. Bla bla bla.. waiting for its delivery then.

On the same week’s weekend (Saturday), spot another flash sales with longer duration. Then I try again to go and buy the 10400mAh Mi powerbank. This time was a smooth one, click here click there, the buy button still there and still don’t have the “out of stock” button appear. So I decide to buy 2 units of 10400mAh Mi powerbank with RM 36/each, again one for myself and one for my love. And it was a smooth successful attempt though.

There’s plenty of comments mentioning about the items sold out very fast, very hard to get them. I think I was very lucky to secure both order purchase.

After some waiting both of the orders successfully arrive and they works perfectly as per describe. They charge my mobile device handsomely.

There’s one thing that caught my attention during the purchase experience. From both order, Xiaomi has assigned to 2 different shipping company, FedEx (website: fedex.com) and UPS (website: ups.com). FedEx assigned to the 5200mAh Mi Powerbank’s order and UPS for 10400mAh Mi Powerbank’s order.

From the comparison below on the delivery progress, I think I’m now more likely to use FedEx as my courier/shipping company if needed. Why? Because they appear to be more efficient.

FedEx delivery tracking

UPS delivery tracking

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